Pan Dulce / Sweet Bread

If you’ve lived in El Paso long enough, you already know that there’s no better way to start your day than with freshly baked pan dulce and a cafecito. If you’re new to the city, well it’s time we welcome you to El Paso with a delicious lesson in sweet bread. From warm empanadas, to rich esponjas, and from delicious wedding cookies to the softest reposterias, we’ve got all you need to satisfy your taste buds and make your mornings sweeter than ever. Did we mention that Food City also has the best donuts in town? Swing by to pick up a couple dozen before work, and you’ll be the office hero!


Beef, Chicken & Pork

At Food City we believe in quality; we believe in value; and we believe in meat. We’re so dedicated to this philosophy that we offer a greater variety of  beef cuts, fresh packed chicken and tender pork than most supermarkets.  We also offer a wide selection of Mexican specialties such as beef tripe, savory ox tail, pork and beef lengua, and much more.

All of our butchers have been perfecting their trade for many years and take great pride in bringing you the best cuts of flavorful, tender, USDA Choice beef because we love the feeling of having a juicy steak sizzle on the grill just as much as you do. Our 7-Bone chuck steak is just as tender as our ribeyes, with impeccable marbling and unbeatable flavor. And all of our ground beef is ground fresh every day from USDA Choice Chuck. Ask any other supermarket if they do this. For those that aren’t bovine-enthusiasts, we guarantee all of our premium pork to be as lean and tender as anywhere in town. All of our chicken is Grade A, market-packed, and perfect for anything from deep-fried flautas, to mole, to good old-fashioned barbecue. So go ahead and grill a little. Make your neighbors jealous.

Mexican Hot Deli

We have Abuelita's best traditional recipes cooked fresh every day! Our meat cuts and produce are delivered daily from local suppliers to ensure that the professional chefs in our Mexican Hot Deli only work with the freshest ingredients. Every day they prepare mouth-watering barbacoa, delicious carnitas, turkey tails, tender lamb ribs, and much, much more in our flavorful casos. We’re also proud to offer you the best slow-cooked Mexican-style brisket in town, thanks to our head deli manager, who has perfected his highly guarded secret recipe over decades of preparing fantastic meals. With our tasty menudo made from scratch every weekend, and all of our freshly prepared burritos that are hot and made to your order, both your stomach and your wallet will be happy 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So stop by – we know you’re hungry!



Life is full of important choices, and it’s no different when it comes to tamales. Whether you want red chile or green chile, meat or sweet, one dozen or five dozen, we’ve got you covered – 7 days a week, all year long! We make each of our delicious tamales by hand daily – from the masa to the filling – and cook them in traditional ollás to give them that special flavor that’s been in the family for generations. Our specially ordered hot tamales are perfect for parties, quinceañeras, holidays or any event. Check out our blog to see how we make them, and suggest any special flavor you like!


When you bite into the crisp, crunchy outside of our Famous Francesitos and sink your teeth into the soft center, you can instantly tell that they’re handmade from scratch – but did you know that our ovens are, too? We stay true to Mexican tradition by using real torch-heated, domed brick ovens specially designed by Mexican artisans to bake fresh Francesitos for you every day. We also have a special brick-lined German oven, built just for us, for fine pastries. Over the years, our master bakers have refined their secret recipe to create the perfect Francesito for your morning menudo, your lunchtime torta, or your midnight snack. Compra hoy! Sonrizas garantizadas!


It’s true what they say: it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. But when it comes to delicious burritos, what’s on the outside is just as important. We take pride in the warm, soft flour tortillas that come fresh and hot off the press every day. Each tortilla inflates when you heat it, just like the ones abuelita makes, and are guaranteed to be muy sabroso. And, if you want something that’s just as easy on your waistline as it is on your taste buds, we also have a wheat version of our famous flour tortillas! Hurry by any of the three Food City locations today and pick up a few packages for yourself before they’re gone!


Your vegetables shouldn’t need a tracking number. We understand that fresh produce means local suppliers, and we’re committed to bringing our customers the best quality fruits and vegetables we can find straight from the fields to our shelves each morning. We only seek #1 USDA quality produce, which allows us the pleasure of working with local suppliers that love their community just as much as we love them – everybody wins. Whether you’re browsing our wide variety of chili peppers, restocking your supply of avocados and bananas, or exploring more exotic imports, we have what you’re looking for. In 2015, we partnered with Sol y Tierra Growers from Anthony, NM, and added more local and naturally-grown produce to our stores. Our “Fresh Experts” in the Food City aprons will help highlight the best specialty seasonal fruits and vegetables, can answer any of your other produce-related inquiries, and will soon even start doing demos throughout the year – come back often!


If it wasn’t obvious already, our bakers have a pretty big sweet tooth. For those times where a dozen donuts just isn’t enough to say, “Happy Birthday,” or “Congratulations,” our master bakers are ready to bake you the perfect cake for any event. We want your cake to be just as unique and special as the occasion, so we invite you to come into Food City and place your custom order with us. Whether it’s chocolate, butter pecan, strawberry, or pineapple - we can do it.  Would you like it adorned with your favorite soccer team logo, or a sweet message for your loved one – bring us an image to scan and we’ll turn your cake dream into a very tasty reality.

99 Cents Section

Our store locations include our Value section. This section has 99 cent and $1.09 products that bring you a lot of bang for your buck!

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Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is located inside our 5400 Alameda location. Paint, lumber, hardware, plumbing, value, service. Pow!

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Home-made Salsa

Besides deli, tamales, and tortillas - we have homemade salsas. Roberto's famous chile de arbol and salsa verde are customer favorites!

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