Thank You for Your Incredible Responses

Posted on July 07, 2022 within News

Dear Friends,

It’s been wonderful and heartwarming to read and hear the memories so many of you have shared. We want to thank you for the overwhelming support you’ve shown us. We have received hundreds of comments on social media, phone calls, emails, and visits from customers to our stores. We also appreciate the news media's coverage of this news. We even made it to Fit Fam! 

Please know that our family did not make this decision without careful consideration of many factors. Some people have speculated incorrectly about our motives and decisions. Managing local, independent grocery stores takes an all-consuming commitment to serve you properly. It was time to downsize our operations, so we can balance the demands of our business with our health and families. We have dealt with some serious health issues recently, and we want to be fully committed to our customers and employees. We know we can do that by focusing on our two smaller stores. We love what we do, so we’re not going away, we’re just getting smaller.

Before we close the store, we won’t leave our beloved Fox Plaza neighborhood without a big Fiesta to thank all our customers, employees, and vendors, past and present, for making 50 years in business possible. We’re planning that party now!

We feel like our stores have a unique culture, and we want to make sure that you enjoy your shopping experience at our Ranchland and Estrella locations. We’ve received some questions, so we want to take this time to answer the ones we've received most: 

1. We want to provide you with an improved shopping experience at the Ranchland and Estrella locations in the coming months. We are already working on plans for various store improvements that will better serve you. Estrella is about 2 miles west from Fox Plaza, and Ranchland is about 5 miles east from Fox Plaza. While those who are used to Fox Plaza have their favorite, those in these other neighborhoods feel the same about their stores. Each store is unique and special.

2. So many visit our stores because of the quality USDA Choice beef and fresh produce that we sell. Our other two stores have and will continue to provide the same quality beef and produce. Our Meat and Produce Supervisors and Buyers will be working out of our Ranchland location.

3. Our tortilla and tamale production is moving to our Ranchland location. Since we started producing flour tortillas and tamales, they have all been made at Fox Plaza and then distributed to our other two locations. You will still be able to find them at Ranchland and Estrella. 

4. Ranchland has a bakery and deli. Our famous Mexican breads, carnitas, and burritos will continue to be available at Ranchland with plans for expanding our kitchen and menu in a larger space. Estrella will continue to carry bakery items as well.

5. Our ACE Hardware department will be closing as well. Once we close, we encourage you to visit the ACE Hardware on Yarbrough. 

It is difficult to leave, and we hope to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone. We'll be open until about early August, and we'll be updating you along the way. 

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for the outpouring of love and support. 

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