Food City Supermarkets Adding More Local Produce

Posted on March 11, 2015 within NewsProduce

Food City Supermarkets has recently partnered with Sol y Tierra Growers to offer a variety of locally-grown produce in each of their stores. Sol y Tierra Growers is a network of farmers working cooperatively to produce organically-grown and fairly produced produce in the Southern New Mexico – El Paso region. Supported by the American Friends Service Committee and the Anthony Water District, Sol y Tierra Growers operates a 2-acre farm in Anthony, NM, that trains new farmers in organic agriculture and provides technical support to under-resourced farmers in our area.

Sol y Tierra Growers grows a variety of produce, including spinach, arugula, carrots, and kale. Sol y Tierra’s produce is naturally-grown, and they are on the path to becoming USDA Certified Organic. As part of their farming practices, only eco-friendly and bio-safe pesticides are used. Because of their proximity to Food City, customers can walk into a Food City location in the afternoon and buy produce that was in the ground that same morning or the day before. As the only traditional supermarket carrying locally-grown produce in El Paso, customers are getting the freshest available produce at Food City.

Carlos Loweree, III, Produce Supervisor of Food City Supermarkets and a member of the family business’s third generation, feels that carrying locally-grown produce is beneficial for the environment, business, and local economy. “Our grandfather, who started the business, was always very innovative. We feel like taking this step to carry locally-grown produce is in line with his enthusiasm for trying new things. As a local business, we want to support local producers and growers as much as we can.” Carlos continues, “As a company, we are also very aware of trying to leave a smaller footprint on the environment by doing our best to support more growers who implement sustainable farming practices.”

As the seasons change, so will the variety Food City and Sol y Tierra can offer customers. Currently, all three Food City locations are carrying Sol y Tierra’s spinach, arugula, red kale, carrots, and turnips. A variety of melons, peppers, squash, and tomatoes can be expected in the coming months.

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