An Update for Our Customers: March 26, 2020

Posted on March 26, 2020 within News

To Our Valued Customers,

During these unprecedented times, we are doing our best to keep our customers aware of news, changes to hours, updates in our cleaning processes, out-of-stocks, and more.

One item we have prioritized as a company during this pandemic is offering the best prices we can to our customers. Advertised prices have been honored and many are being sold below costs due to the increase in costs to us. The cost of many cuts of meat have increased 50% or more, and we have still honored all Ad prices. It is important for customers to understand that during this time, there are shortages on many items as well as increased costs to the retailers on many products, including but not limited to, eggs, meat products, produce, and beans. Right now, all retailers are attempting to obtain whatever they can to fill empty shelves. Perishable items, like eggs, meat products, and produce, are especially vulnerable to market pressures on our costs because suppliers are shipping limited quantities.  

We take accusations of price gouging very seriously, and we ask our customers to understand the situation before posting false information regarding price gouging. Accusations and falsehoods are a dangerous thing without the facts and create more panic during these uncertain times.

As an example, as of March 26th, the cost to retailers on eggs has increased 212% over the last two weeks. However, the retail price for our customers has increased less than that because we are doing our best to offer our customers the best price we can. At the same time, we were able to obtain a large amount of potatoes that cannot be used by the restaurants at this time, and we are offering a 4-day special on Loose Potatoes of 3 lbs. for $1, because we know potatoes are a versatile item that can last longer than most other produce items. We are selling these potatoes below costs to help our customers.

Our employees at every level are doing the best they can to serve our customers. They are working overtime to meet the demands of the public, and we believe grocery store employees are the unsung heroes.

We continue to ask for your patience and cooperation. As always, we invite any questions or concerns to be sent to and please continue to visit for the latest news.

Thank you,

Food City

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