2021...The Year for Smaller Roscas

Posted on January 06, 2021 within HolidaysBakery

People throughout El Paso celebrate el Día de Reyes, or the Ephiphany, on January 6th by gathering around and sharing a traditional bread called a rosca de reyes. Decorated with sprinkles, jellied fruit, and sugar paste, the bread includes at least one small plastic baby Jesus. Many eat it with a cup of hot chocolate or champurrado.

This year looks a little different. Many people are not gathering like they would normally for the Ephiphany, so in addition to a medium sized rosca, the Food City bakeries are also baking a smaller rosca.

Food City bakes hundreds of roscas  each year. They’re made from scratch and baked in our artisan-made domed brick ovens, many customers count on Food City for their rosca.

Traditionally, the one who finds the baby Jesus in their slice of bread is expected to host a party on February 2nd, el Día de la Candelaria.

Food City is offering two sizes of roscas. The medium sells for $11.89, and the small sells for $7.49. The bread is sold at all three Food City locations from now until January 6th.

In addition, customers will get $2 off a dozen package of tamales for each rosca purchased on January 5th and 6th.

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